detCI@ORBKIT is an extension of ORBKIT for post-processing multi-determinantal wave function data from the output of quantum chemical calculations. Our procedure, allows to apply different one-electron operators to Configuration Interaction (CI) wave functions. The main scope of this procedure is to analyze and visualize correlated electron dynamics by interpreting several fundamental one-electron quantities, such as the Electron Density, the transient Electronic Flux Density and Its Divergence (also called Current Density), and the Electronic Dipole Moment.

For the theoretical background, details on the implementation, and the robustness of these quantities, see

Vincent Pohl, Gunter Hermann, and Jean Christophe Tremblay, “An Open-Source Framework of Analyzing N-electron Dynamics: I. Multi-Determinantal Wave Functions”, arXiv:1701.06885 (2017).

Please cite this publication, if you use detCI@ORBKIT in your work.

We provide well documented example files for both model systems described in this publication in the examples folder. The procedure of how to operate detCI@ORBKIT is described in detail in the following chapters.

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